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Wood Fired Pizza

The sound and smell of wood fire brings comforting memories and warm feelings of togetherness. Bring back those memories or make new ones by combining the smells and tastes of our wood fired pizza!

All of our pizza's are named after mines found in and around Park County, CO. Each pizza is 10".

We offer an every day menu, and each week have a special that can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Everyday Pizzas: Each one $14

Laurette: Classic cheese pizza 

Buckskin Joe: Pepperoni and cheese

Apex: Marinated mushrooms and cheese

Moose: Variety of tomatoes, mozzarella slices and fresh basil 

Prospector: Pepperoni and salami and cheese

Specialty Everyday Pizzas $15

Wataka: Marinated mushrooms, variety of tomatoes, mozzarella slices, and fresh basil

Snitch: Pepperoni, marinated mushrooms, mozzarella slices and fresh basil

Each week we offer a different pizza and a sub sandwich. All breads are made fresh, and 

every sub is made to order. Check our Facebook page for the specials of the week!

Creative, innovative and delicious! Bringing to the outdoor culinary creations and bringing together community!


Our pizza's cook in 60-90 seconds! (When the oven is at temperature) 

Find our menu on Facebook or call for options.

© 2017 Kickin Ass Mountain Pizza

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